Living well

Living your best life

Scientists point to six related elements that contribute to optimal health: emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. The symptoms of PNH may impact all of these, but developing a plan that considers what’s most important to you can be the first step to more “yes.”

Exploring wellness in your life

Taking the first steps towards greater wellness often involves considering what’s most important to you: what areas would you most like to change? The resources below can help you get started.

Tips from an expert

Professional health and wellness coach Leslie Thorpe shares how different aspects of wellness can be impacted by PNH, and reviews strategies to help you get more out of life.

  • Say “yes” to life

    Leslie Thorpe

  • The six dimensions of wellness

    Leslie Thorpe

Leslie Thorpe was compensated by Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for the time required to develop these resources.

Partnering with your care team

Explore how your PNH symptoms may be impacting your day-to-day with this short quiz. The results can be used as a starting point to discuss options with your doctor.

Talking openly and honestly with your doctor can be the first step towards greater wellness. Prepare for the conversation with these helpful tips.

Community stories

  • A little
    more “yes”

    See how Alyce relentlessly advocated to improve her symptoms so she could earn her captain’s license.


  • You + your doctor =
    more of the life you want

    Hear how Erin advocated with her doctor to help her better pursue her goals.



Alyce and Erin were also compensated by Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for the time required to share their stories. Every person’s experience with PNH is unique. These resources do not include individual treatment or medical advice. You should speak with your doctor about questions you may have on PNH, its symptoms, and treatment.